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January 2015

Lean Workshop Group Free Seminar

The first free seminar on lean manufacturing has been announced. To be held at The MTC, Coventry on February 3rd and 4th, the event will feature everything you need for lean manufacturing including a hands-on line demonstration.  PCE, as a Sales Partner of Bosch Rexroth, can offer the complete range of benches and products to enable a lean cell to be set up at your factory.  Please contact PCE for help in designing your cell.


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August 2014

Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow plus Roadshow

As a long standing Sales Partner, PCE has been chosen as the only East Anglian stop off point for their Roadshow to highlight the new VarioFlow plus conveyor range.  The lorry will be fully equipped with the complete range to demonstrate the considerable advantages offered by conveyors.


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December 2013

Recognised Mitsubishi 'Systems Specialist'

Mitsubishi Electric offers proven expertise in industrial automation technology, products and systems. Our full range of versatile automation solutions and products, include servo amplifiers and motors, PLC’s, inverters/ drives, HMI’s, switchgear and industrial robots. Mitsubishi Electric is contributing to business success and helping the UK’s food processing, water, packaging, manufacturing and infrastructure industries achieve ever higher levels of efficiency, reliability, productivity and innovation. PCE are proud to be recognised by Mitsubishi.



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November 2013

Free Lean Seminar

The latest 1/2 day seminars are booked for 3rd-5th December, to be held by The Lean Manufacturing Group (www.lean-factory.org) at The Bosch Training Centre, Uxbridge.  The seminars are complemented by practical sessions in the production cell and all those who attend can discuss their own specific problems and requirements with the presenters. Topics covered include value stream mapping, work content and workplace design, dimensioning of the KANBAN control loop, design of KANBAN boards, the customer order in the ERP system, levelling, and the design of Heijunka boards.

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September 2013

Barts Spice 'Spoonkler' Closure

RPC Containers - Halstead were asked by spice company Barts to develop a new closure for their spice jars.  PCE developed a unique Robot solution to take-out & close the closures directly off the mould. 

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August 2013

Featured Article

PCE features in an article for one of our local customers, United Closures & Plastics of Norwich.  UCP are part of the Global Closure Systems Group and are a major manufacturer of caps & closures. 

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February 2012

Bottle Turner

When manufacturing flat sided bottles, they often need to be turned through 90* to increase packaging density for palletising or to prevent jamming under back pressure on the feed conveyors (especially for oval or wedged shaped designs).  PCE Automation Ltd has developed an in-line turner to allow the bottles to be queued flat panel to flat panel.

The unit is capable of running at >60 bottles per minute and can be tool changed quickly between bottle designs. 

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February 2012

Colour Monitoring

PCE Automation Ltd has long been at the forefront of in-line testing technology.  One major issue seen in the plastic moulding industries is consistency of colour in a production run.  This is especially the case in the manufacture of high volume fmcg packaging (caps; bottles; tubs & lids).

The colour can vary for a number of reasons such as running out of master batch; blockages in the master batch feed; poor mixing in the screw etc.  By incorporating a colour sensor within existing machines (Leak Testers; Cap Closers & Assembly Machines etc), PCE can prevent colour drop out getting to the customer.  This can be a major issue if the drop out is temporary, and the caps are lost in the middle of a box when the operator is away from the cell.  The colour variation will only be detected at the filling line, causing line stoppages and returned batches of product at great expense to the supplier.

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January 2012

Compression Leak Testing

PCE Automation Ltd was given the challenge to find a leak in a totally sealed plastic bottle.  Conventionally, an open necked bottle would be pressurised and the pressure decay followed.  Being sealed this was not possible.

PCE based the solution on the proven Rotary Tester range to increase the available test time for the 6,500 bottle per hour throughput.  The tooling on the tester enabled easy bottle management.  The test method compressed the side panels of the sealed bottle with a known force and measured the resultant deflection.  If the bottle contained a hole or had low panel strength due to poor material distribution, the deflection would increase past the set point giving a failure.

Rotary Compression Leak Tester


January 2011

Racer TE Robot

PCE is currently installing our largest cavitation out-of-mould closing robot for a leading supplier of closures in the UK.  The customer required to increase productivity and light-weight the closure.  The Racer Top-Entry Robot ensures the closures are securely removed from the mould cores on both faces of the unscrewing mould (16-cavities per side) and then passed to the closing head to form the live hinge and ensure 100% closing.  This replaces the existing in-mould closing previously used on the mould which produced unclosed closures; long cycle times and damaged / dirty closures from free-dropping the parts.


December 2010

Bosch Rexroth MTpro

To assist with designing & specifying using Bosch Rexroth products, MTpro light can now be downloaded for free.  Follow the link below (if this fails please use www.boschrexroth.co.uk/business_units/brl/en/downloads/MTpro/index.jsp).

MTpro light produces a scale drawing and parts list to easily configure the products as required.  The full version can be ordered using the part number 3842 539057.

Download Software

July 2010

Container Height Measurement

Utilising the latest Festo SMAT sensor technology, PCE can offer container height measurements as a standard option on the range of Pressure Decay Leak Testers.  The sensors can offer height resolution from 0.1mm (the final measurement resolution will depend on bottle stability, conveyor type etc).

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July 2010

Bosch Rexroth has recently launched a new range of modular aluminium profiles called EcoShape.  This new range comprises just 14 pieces, yet can be formed into a vast range of frames and trolleys.  It is also fully compatible with the broader MGE range for even greater flexibility in design.

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Special Offer:  Comprehensive EcoShape Starter Kit - £2,230.00

May 2010

PCE has recently completed two projects using the new Festo ELGR Electric Axis range.  The range has been design to offer a high specification at a modest price.  The two projects using these to date have been a 3-Tier Recirculating Box Indexing unit and a redesign of our Softdrop unit to bulk pack delicate product into bulk bins.

Festo ELGR Product Overview

Softdrop Unit - Bulk Packaging

Softdrop with optional Rotary Box Table - Softdrops can be offered with box agitators to increase packing density if required.

February 2010

The picture shows the Netstal Synergy 2400 at our premises in Beccles with the Rapier TE Robot being integrated.  The mould is due in the next few weeks.

Rapier Top Entry Robot

January 2010

PCE Automation Ltd is proud to be chosen by a leading UK medical devices moulder to supply our first Rapier TE Robot cell.  The Rapier Robot utilises all our latest technologies to give high-speed part removal.  Incorporating Festo electric axis with Rockwell Automation servo drives and control. 

As part of the agreement, PCE is taking delivery of a Netstal Synergy 2400 moulding machine in January, along with a precision 24-cavity mould from CACO Pacific Corporation of the USA.  The whole cell will be integrated and run-up at our factory in Beccles before shipping to the customer.

November 2009

PCE Automation Ltd is nearing the completion of the installation of a large pallet conveyor project for a major metal container & can manufacturer.  The customer has 6 existing lines equipped with palletisers.  The old layout had individual out feeds and pallet wrappers with manual print and application of pallet labels.

The new system involves bar coded pallets for traceability; Chain driven roller conveyors; Shuttle carts to bring the pallets to two central wrappers; The ability to download the production data off the existing MRP, sort by line; Provide the correct wrapping programme and label via a single automated print & apply labeller.  The finished pallets presented to the fork truck driver from a single collection point.


One of the Shuttle Carts used to transport the pallets of tin cans to the central wrappers.










Please contact PCE for more details - info@pce-automation.co.uk 

November 2009

PCE Automation Ltd has received a further order for its highly accurate AirFlow Leak Tester.  The application is the testing of the seals within a 'Sports' style drink bottle cap.  The level of accuracy of the test found by our customer can predict scratches on the mould cores or even the build up of deposits on the mould components causing surface defects of the plastic components.   

Please contact PCE for more details - info@pce-automation.co.uk 

June 2009

PCE Automation Ltd has formalised the Rapier Robot range of high speed injection moulding robots.  The range now consists of:

  • Standard Side Entry.
  • Optional Top Entry for a smaller footprint.
  • Servo motor & twin Festo EGC axis.
  • Rockwell Automation CompactLogix plc, SERCOS communication.
  • For more demanding applications the Rockwell Linear Motor replaces the servo and belt drive.

Sub 2-second moulding cycles are possible with multi-cavity moulds.  The linear motor giving longer life, faster speeds and higher precision.  Please contact PCE for more details - info@pce-automation.co.uk 


E-drawing Simulation - Rapier TE Simulation

March 2009

PCE Automation Ltd has added a further model to our product range for robotic take-out systems for single stage PET blow moulding machines.  The new MB Robot model has been designed specifically for the Nissei ASB-50MB PET moulding machine.  For this compact model, our customers required a smaller footprint plus all the benefits of the larger MK4 Robot.

  • Welded steel frame for rigidity.
  • Mounted on lockable castors to allow for ease of movement for mould changes.
  • Use of Festo Electric drive for the vertical axis giving accurate & reliable operation.
  • Fully guarded with interlocks.
  • Pro-Face touch screen HMI giving a user friendly interface.
  • 2m out feed conveyor.
  • Optional in-built leak tester for small or unstable bottles.
  • Designed to be capable of handling the complete bottle size and cavitation range of the ASB-50MB machine.
  • ~900mm robot width from side of the moulding machine.

The MB Robot is easily configured for a wide range of bottles with easy to change tooling.  The key advantages of using a robot over free-drop ejection are:

  • Eliminates damage to bottle surfaces.
  • Allows the out feed conveyor to remain at a fixed height regardless of bottle height.
  • Increases the stability of bottles on transferring to the conveyor.
  • Increases OEE for the machine.

PCE has already received the first order with options for four more in the coming months. 

February 2009

Rapier Robot Cell Sets New Records

PCE Automation Ltd working in partnership with Netstal Ltd, injection moulding machine supplier and Micro Systems (UK) Ltd, mould maker, have integrated the second cell at our factory in Beccles.  To every ones amazement, the total cycle time (including moulding machine movement, mould process time and the Rapier Robot) was less than 2 seconds.

Our customer has kindly allowed PCE to let potential customers to view the cell.  To book your visit, please e-mail Julian Tarratt, PCE Sales Manager with your company details and availability: info@pce-automation.co.uk

February 2009

'The Big Bang' According to Bosch Rexroth

Rexroth is at the forefront of automation innovation, leading the development of automation equipment and open controls. From mechanical systems to the latest electro-pneumatic and mechanical drives, we have the products, systems, applications knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

As a complete solutions provider, Rexroth's mind set is that quality and reliability depend largely on the expertise of those working on the development of the components and the design of the system. Our aim is to make your machines and production lines more efficient; reducing your time, risk and cost by supplying all drive, control and motion components from a single source.

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PCE can help as Sales Partner with Bosch Rexroth.

January 2009

New Ultra-High Speed Rapier Take-out Robot

PCE Automation Ltd working in partnership with Netstal Ltd, injection moulding machine supplier and Micro Systems (UK) Ltd, mould maker, were challenged by the end customer to develop the next generation medical product with a total cycle time of 3 seconds.

The PCE Racer Robot was developed with high speed moulding processes in mind.  With many existing systems running at sub 5 second moulding cycle times including the part de-moulding and handling common.  The 3 second challenge took this to the next level. 

In 3 seconds, the moulding machine needs to complete the open and closing movements, the plastic needs to be processed and injected into the mould and cooled and finally the robot needs to de-mould the parts and exit the mould area.

All parties worked on their respective technologies to the common aim of the 3 second cycle.  After bringing the moulding machine, mould and PCE supplied robot together at our factory in Beccles, the team worked on the process with the customer overseeing the quality.  Within 2-days of processing the total cycle was reduced to 2.58 seconds.  The PCE Racer Robot hitting a 0.4 second contribution to the cycle.

August 2008
PCE Launches new Website
As part of the need to communicate to a wider audience PCE took the decision that the old website no longer reflected the company and its products.  Working with Leapfrog Marketing and Firebox Create the concept was gradually turned into reality.  Said Julian Tarratt, PCE Sales Manager, “PCE needed to communicate both its standard products as well as the company’s skills in bespoke automation.  Working with both Leapfrog and Firebox Create we believe we have designed a simple to navigate but informative website to help lead customers to the required solution.”

Please feel free to browse the whole site to find the products required.  For further information on any of the products, or indeed comments on the new site please contact PCE via info@pce-automation.co.uk or phone 01502 713287.

July 2008
PCE Appointed Festo System Integrator
PCE Automation Ltd, providers of world class automation solutions, has been appointed a ‘System Integrator’ by Festo. The appointment marks the latest move by Festo to expand its presence in the electrical drives and controls market. Under the terms of the agreement, Festo will provide PCE with marketing and pre-sales support, as well as technical training, for the company’s growing range of electrical automation products.

PCE is a leading supplier of motion control components and systems.  According to Nigel Dawson, Festo’s Drives Manager, “PCE is renowned for its expertise in a wide range of automation solutions for rigid plastics packaging and other markets.  It has an impeccable track record in automation for over 30 years, and has acquired a considerable reputation for providing its customers with unbiased technical advice, quality automation solutions and highly trained support. These attributes make the company an ideal fit for our System Integrators Programme.”

Click here to read the full release.

June 2008
PCE & Bosch Rexroth – 2 Years of Partnership.
In June 2008 PCE celebrated 2 years as one of the sales partners for the Bosch Rexroth Linear Assembly Technology product range with increased orders across the range. 

The frame and parts business based on the MGE Aluminium profile range is increasing steadily.  The VarioFlow modular conveyor range is gaining acceptance across many markets.  PCE received its first order for an 8 station Manual Production System.  More on this later.

Please contact PCE for any of the products in this range either via info@pce-automation.co.uk or for more information please look under the Products category on this site.

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