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Out of Mould Closing

Out of Mould Closing

To minimise the number of components, many plastic parts incorporate a live hinge to link two parts together.  This is especially true for packaging systems (lids, closures and DVD cases for example).  The largest market is the flip top closures found on personal care and food & drink packaging.   

In most of these applications the hinge needs to be folded and formed whilst the plastic still retains the heat from moulding.  If left too long, the structure will have formed causing the hinge to crack and split during operation.  PCE has developed several products to cater for this market.


This can be in single or twin track configurations depending on the throughputs required.    The closures are typically fed directly from the moulding machine and orientated to feed the cell through a vibratory bowl feeder. 

The closures are lined up, clamped and the hinge formed in the first stage.  The closures are then released and pass under a pneumatically damped wheel to ensure full closure.

In-line testing can be added to look for short-shots, smilers and colour variation.

Custom Closers

Custom Closers For products that cannot be handled by the OMC-500 range due to difficulty in feeding the components, or the shape and size of component does not lend itself for the method, PCE can offer bespoke systems.

The components are often placed into jigs to keep alignment and allow for the hinge to be flexed and closed.  A robot is often used to de-mould the parts and directly place into the jigs.  The PCE Racer Robot is well suited for this application. 

Defect Detection

Defect Detection The customer needs absolute assurance that the product is defect free (short shots; partially closed ‘smilers’ or colour variation).  PCE can offer a range of solutions to give confidence that 100% good product reaches the filling lines.

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