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VarioFlow plus VarioFlow plus

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VarioFlow plus
VarioFlow plus

The VarioFlow plus range is a new economical and reliable conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth.

VarioFlow plus

One system – infinite possibilities.
The modular Rexroth VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system consists of components that can be used universally for all system widths, reducing the spare parts inventory.


The stable chain permits tensile forces up to 1,250M.  The chain surface is nearly closed, allowing even the smallest of parts to be transported safely & reliably. 


The system offers individual conveyor layouts and comes in sizes of 65, 90, 120, 160, 240 & 320mm widths.  Two materials are on offer; basic aluminium (open & closed profile) and stainless steel

for higher hygiene applications, for example food industries.

VarioFlow plus

VarioFlow plus

VarioFlow plus

  • Flat Standard Chain – High surface area for smooth transport of most goods.
  • Static Friction Top – For drive of components on gradients up to 15°.
  • Accumulation Rollers – For gentle-to-the-surface transport and prevention of accumulation / back pressure.
  • Cleated Chain – For positive drive of products on gradients and prevention of slippage.
  • Steel-Plated – For the transporting of sharp-edged or rough surface products.
  • Wedge Grip – Used in pairs of conveyors running on their sides.  Grips the product between the two conveyors to allow transportation vertically and inverted as required for economical use of floor space.
  • ESD Chain – Conductive components allow for static discharge for handling components that are sensitive to electrical charges.
  • Custom Fixtures – The standard chain allows for the attachment of custom fixtures as required.

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Pallet Systems

The VarioFlow Workpiece Pallet System is an economical and highly efficient conveyor system for transporting pallets with a payload of up to 8kg.  Like all VarioFlow conveyors, the Workpiece Pallet System is based on Bosch Rexroth’s modular design concept.  The pallet system features standard and customised work-piece pallets; pallet stops; pallet locating devices; divert modules; merge modules, pallet transfer kits, pallet guide rail systems and curve wheel guide rail systems.

VarioFlow plus
VarioFlow plus
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