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From the simplest 2-Box Diverter through to a 2-Tier automated system holding 11 boxes plus.  Include weigh-part counting utilising Mettler-Toledo technology and you have repeatable part counts with minimal operator intervention.

2-Box Diverter

2-Box Diverter Stand-alone simple units, doubling the time between operator visits.

  • 240V / 13A Household power supply.
  • Simple counter with sensor.
  • Adjustable height tilt table.

Flat Units

Flat Units With single or twin pushers, these greatly extend time between operator visits.
  • Powered in and out feed conveyors.
  • 6-Box standard configuration.
  • 11-Box with twin pusher option.
  • Covers and part weigh-counting as standard options.

2-Tier Units

2-Tier Units 2-Tier Units – By re-circulating the boxes in the vertical plane, the footprint of the unit is greatly reduced.
  • Powered conveyors.
  • 11-Box plus storage.
  • Covers and guarding as standard.
  • In feed conveyor easily configurable for either side.
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