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Often product needs to be loaded directly into cases or boxes in a known format.  This can be to minimise damage (thin wall parts when jumble packed) or to maximise the packing density.  By combining PCE’s collation experience and utilising drives from the Festo electric drive range, a robust and flexible cell can be supplied.  Both empty and filled product can be handled.

Case Loading
The same basic cell is capable of being adapted for most applications.  A comprehensive list of standard features gives value for money.

  • Welded steel frame for strength.
  • Fully guarded.
  • Plc control with Pro-Face HMI.
  • Single and twin lane in feeds available.
  • Off-set and square pack formats as standard.
  • Up to 8 lifts per minute depending on part weight & stability.

The units can be easily configured from a list of pre-engineered options.

  • Layer card interleave placement.
  • Automatic box handling.
  • 180° Layer rotation.
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