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End Of Line /></p>
          <p>Partially due to the history in dealing with the blow moulding market, <strong>PCE </strong>has developed a wide range of solutions for end of line product packaging.  From semi-automatic units through to high speed fully automatic units, <strong>PCE </strong>is sure to be able to offer your required solution. </p>
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Box Handling From a simple 2-Box diverter through to multiple box indexers.  Part count through to weigh counting.  PCE can offer exactly what is required.

Tray Packing

Tray Packing PCE biggest seller the semi-automatic model TPI-12 through to the complex neck-neck Vertical Tray Packer.  With new robotic tray loading models under development. 

Case Loaders

Case Loaders Based on Festo electric drive technology, the Case Loader range can be adapted to most product requirements.


Palletisation PCE can offer swept style palletisers with up to 4 collations buffer, through to robotic cells.  Palletisers can be semi-automatic or fully automatic with pallet and layer card or tray placement.  Filled product can also be palletised utilising the model MP-100 technology.


Wrapping To reduce packaging costs and eliminating cardboard, PCE can offer continuous reel fed polyethene wrapping cells to produce bricks of product.  Heat tunnels can be added to make a firmer pack.

Stackers & Collators

Stackers & Collators From non-nesting products through to push-on lid handling.  PCE has a model to suite every need from up to down stacking and spin-bars.

Lost Head Trepanning

Lost Head Trepanning For larger diameter and non-round neck finishes for extrusion blow moulded containers, ‘lost heads’ are moulded, to be removed after de-flashing to be reground and fed back into the resin feed.

PCE has developed two standard products for this task.  The high accuracy CNC Range and the high volume Spin Trimmer. 

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