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Customers are looking to better utilise labour in the factories and allow greater time between visits for each line.  PCE has developed a number of solutions to present product in a consistent format to allow simple final packaging for the operator.

Spin Bars

Spin Bars For the collation of round lids.
  • Polished bars driven at an angle to collate product.
  • Product needs nesting feature.
  • Especially used for thin push-on lid components.
  • Number of lanes to match out put.
  • Manual & semi-automatic stack length selection.
  • The lids drop on their sides onto rotating polished bars. 

Carousel Stacker

Carousel Stacker
  • Used to produce stacks of parts without a natural nesting feature.
  • Can be configured to up or down-stack the parts. 
  • Parts stacked into guides, set around the unit. 
  • Stacking heads fully guarded.
  • Full stacks presented to the operator for manual packing.
  • Typically stacks sleeved prior to boxing. 
  • Plc controlled.


  • Available as single, twin or multiple heads versions.
  • For product that forms self-supporting stacks.
  • Product pushed past pawl to form the stack.
  • Stack height selectable on the HMI.
  • Plc controlled.
  • Standard collation on a dead-plate.
  • Indexing conveyor available as an option.

Pail Upstacker

Pail Upstacker Designed for the out feed of pail handle applicators or decorating lines.
  • Available as single or twin head versions.
  • Pails rotated to align handles in the stack.
  • Units designed to run multiple sizes.
  • Stack height selectable on the HMI.
  • Plc controlled.
  • 20 pails per minute depending on size.
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