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Custom Systems

Custom Systems

Custom Systems

Custom Systems

Custom Systems

Custom Systems

Festo specialises in delivering integrated electrical drive solutions for handling technology and positioning tasks. PCE Automation Ltd is an approved and fully supported Festo System Integrator.

One Solution makes your life easier and reduces the risk.

By delivering the entire solution from drive, motor and axis through to build, commissioning and training, Festo can remove the difficulties of trying to get different manufacturers’ components to work together and ensure your electrical drive solutions work as expected.

One Range designed to work together.

There are numerous electrical drive suppliers, but very few with a comprehensive range of harmonised drives, motors and axis.  The range of Festo electric drive solutions is expanding all the time and already includes:

  • Servo, stepper & linear motors and controllers
  • Spindle, belt, cantilever axis and slide units
  • Axis with integrated motors for non dynamic positioning tasks such as machine setting
  • High speed and heavy duty axis
  • All accessories including, mounting, cable management
  • Festo Positioning Drives software to prove your application at design stage
  • Easy commissioning using the free FCT software.

One Supplier provides all your support

Festo, through PCE, can provide from a single axis to a complex multi-axis solution from a single source. Please find on the following pages examples of some of the range of components that can be configured for the ideal solution to your requirements.

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