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The PCE Racer Robot was originally designed for the high-speed thin-wall moulding market.  This is the area of greatest use, de-moulding and stacking product at cycle times of <5 seconds.  In some instances the cycle time with the Racer Robot can be within tenths of the free-drop cycle time.  The use of this versatile range has since been developed for closures, in-mould labelling and mould cavitations of up to 72. 

Racer Robot

Racer Robot

Racer Robot

Racer Robot

Designed around welded steel self supporting frame, the robot is a high-performance robust & reliable take-out robot for injection moulding applications. 

  • High-flow vacuum for part transfer.
  • Carbon fibre light weight tooling.
  • Servo drive for the main axis.
  • Reinforced cam belt drive.
  • Interface to injection moulding machine through Euromap interface.
  • Additional axis (head forward & rotation) available.
  • Safety guarding interlocked into moulding machine safety system.
Racer Robot Other Uses – The Racer Robot can be easily adapted to demould a range of parts other than thin-wall containers and lids.  Closures are a growing market area.  Key reasons:

  • Reduces scrap.
  • Prevents trapped and contaminated parts.
  • Allows in-line inspection.
  • Parts can be directly placed in jigs or on pallets for ‘hot’ assembly.
  • Out of mould closing can be easily achieved.

Stack Mould Applications

Stack Mould Applications To double the out put from a moulding cell, often stack moulds are used.  The Racer Robot can now be supplied for twin daylight moulds.

In-Mould Labelling

In-Mould Labelling In addition to part take-out, the Racer Robot can be adapted to place labels into the mould for in-mould labelling applications.  Both flat labels for lids and wrap-around labels for containers can be accommodated.
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