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Pressure decay leak testing has its limitations in speed of test and minimum size of hole that can be detected.  For small volumes of air and higher test pressures PCE can offer our AirFlow test technology.

Airflow Testing

Airflow Testing
Airflow Testing

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This method of test can be used to either detect a leak or confirm an orifice is present and of the right size.  Typically used where a small volume of air is required, uses can be:

  • Assembled Caps and Closures; i.e. ‘Sports’ Caps.
  • Medical Valves.
  • Spray Nozzles.

The units can be supplied as single head semi-automatic laboratory testers through to fully automatic units that can run at 20,000 parts per hour.  Typically a 2cc/min flow can be detected in a 2-4 second cycle time at a 2 bar test pressure.

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