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By pressurising a container, to a low pressure of 30mb, then monitoring the decay of this pressure over time, even small holes can be found in containers.  Typically from 0.2mm holes with speeds up to 14,000 bottles per hour can be catered for.  PCE can offer three standard ranges for the handling of freshly blow-moulded plastic bottles.  The technology can be applied to all applications, please enquire if you have a product different to those listed.

Linear Tester Range

Linear Tester Range
Linear Tester Range
This range has recently undergone a redesign to give class leading leak detection at a competitive price.  Two models are available either as a LL-1H single head or LL-2H twin head design, with throughputs of >3000 bottles per hour possible. 

  • Rigid construction.
  • Pro-Face HMI with USB port for test data export.
  • Optical block bore detection option.
  • Top load & neck deflection test option.
  • Reject of failed bottles.
  • Calibrated test orifice included.
  • Can be supplied with or without conveyors.

Scroll Tester Range

Scroll Tester Range

The basic concept is as the Linear Range above with the addition of a feed scroll.  This allows faster bottle movement with the ability to increase the number of test heads to give a higher throughput. The addition of the scroll gives:

  • Better bottle guidance & support.
  • Faster in & out speeds of the bottles.
  • All other build features as the Linear range above.
  • Can be used for angle neck bottles.

Rotary Tester Range

Rotary Tester Range

Rotary Tester Range

For higher line speeds PCE would recommend a Rotary Tester.  The same test technology is applied as above, but with the test conducted whilst the containers are in continuous motion.  By removing the stop & start element to the cycle, speeds of 14,000 containers per hour can be tested.
  • Higher outputs compared to the linear ranges.
  • Up to 12-heads can be specified.
  • No stopping of the containers during testing.

Custom Leak Testers

Custom Leak Testers Custom Leak Testers – PCE can offer the leak tester as either just a controller or integrated into a bespoke system for virtually any application that requires pressure decay leak testing.  PCE would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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