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Product Testing

Product testing has always been a core PCE business.  PCE has long been associated with pressure decay leak testers for the blow-moulding industry, our product range has gradually increased to cover many sectors of the market to provide reliable and repeatable test systems, both for semi-automatic operation and high speed in-line units.

Leak Testing

Leak Testing PCE has supplied pressure decay Leak Test equipment for many markets, predominantly to test freshly moulded plastic bottles and containers.  The range can test container volumes from 30ml to 200L with speeds in excess of 14,000 bottles per hour.

AirFlow Testing

AirFlow Testing AirFlow testing can be used to give a quantitative measure of the air passing through a seal or through an orifice.  Very accurate measurements at fast cycle times can be achieved.  

Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing Developed for consumer goods market, PCE can offer a range of test equipment for sub-assemblies through to finished product. 

In-Line Weighing

From static to dynamic applications, working with Mettler-Toledo, PCE can offer a solution for most requirements.

Vision Systems

Vision Systems Vision systems can offer a powerful tool for in-line quality monitoring of products.  Ensuring all parts are present; Measurements of key dimensions; Looking for contamination or looking for short mouldings can all be accommodated with digital vision systems.

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