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Blow Moulding Injection Moulding ClosuresLean Manufacturing Line Feeding Systems Integration

The blow moulding market was one of the first that PCE was involved in, with local companies requiring automation products.  This has lead to one of the most comprehensive single source offerings of products in the industry. 


Conveyors PCE can offer both custom designed units or modular chain conveyors from the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range.  These can be supplied in widths from 65 – 320mm with a variety of chain designs.  They can also be supplied as open aluminium or stainless steel sections for the dry & wet food & drink and medical markets.

Product Testing

PCE can offer a range of equipment to ensure that only good production reaches your customer.  Data collection can assist with trending and highlight changes to the process.

Leak Testing Leak Testing: A range of pressure decay leak testers to cater for 30ml to 200L containers at throughputs up to 16,000 per hour with hole detection from 0.1mm.
Vision Inspection Vision Inspection: From single camera systems looking for a specific defect (i.e. neck detail) through to a seven camera system giving total bottle inspection.
In-Line Weighing In-Line Weighing: Utilising Mettler-Toledo weigh technology PCE can incorporate sample weigh checks through to 100% testing.  Both static & dynamic weighing solutions are available.

Take-out Systems

Take-out Systems Using our robotics experience PCE can offer standard and bespoke systems for both single stage PET and extrusion blow moulding machines.  The robots use Festo electric drives with AC, stepper and servo drives as required.  Additional features can include tail-flash detection in the case of EBM systems to prevent damage to downstream equipment. 


End-of-Line PCE can offer a solution for all styles of bottle packaging from simple jumble or tray packing through to fully automated palletisers.  A range of brick packing or bagging machines are currently in development.

Lost Head Trepanning

Lost Head Trepanning On larger diameter and non-round neck finishes for extrusion blow moulded containers, ‘lost heads’ are moulded, to be removed after de-flashing to be reground and fed back into the resin feed.

PCE has developed two standard products for this task.  The high accuracy CNC Range and the high volume Spin Trimmer.

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