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Closure is a small word to cover a broad market of products from the simplest single-piece soft drink closure to a functional multi-piece assembled unit.  PCE can offer a full range of solutions for all stages of closure production. 

Out-of-Mould Closing

Out-of-Mould Closing Whilst many flip top closures are closed as part of the moulding cycle, there are occasions due to component design; mould cavitations or cycle time requirements where this cannot be incorporated into the injection mould tool. 

The PCE Model OMC-500 is directly fed from the moulding machine via a bowl feeder.  The hinge is closed whilst the plastic is still warm to ensure the best properties.  This linear based system is capable of up to 120 caps per minute per line dependent on closure size and design.

Out-of-Mould Closing PCE can offer a range of custom models based on loading the closures into jigs to form the hinge.  In many cases a Racer Robot is used to de-mould the closure and place in the closing jig direct from the moulding machine.

Product Testing

The testing of closures can either be incorporated into the closing or assembly cell or supplied as a stand-alone item of equipment.  Typical testing systems PCE has supplied for closures are:

AirFlow Testing AirFlow Testing: By measuring the amount of air passing through the closure, the functionality of a seal or the presence and size of an orifice can be defined.  Supplied as laboratory / off-line units or rotary in-line units to match the output of the assembly machines.  Typically a 2 cc/min flow can be detected in a 2-4 second cycle time.

Vision Inspection Vision Inspection: For detecting short shots, un-closed caps and measuring key parameters.  PCE can supply standard and bespoke systems for most requirements involving single and multiple cameras.

Colour Detection Colour Detection: PCE has developed the technology to check the colour of the closures during manufacture.  The system will detect variations in master batch during a run.

Assembly Systems

Assembly Systems PCE can supply a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cells depending on the volumes and complexity required.  Outputs from 20 to 500 parts per minute can be catered for with two to eight components or more if required.

For some products, this may require parts being directly fed from the moulding process for ‘hot’ assembly utilising a PCE Robot maintaining orientation and minimising part damage.


Conveyors PCE can offer both custom designed units or modular chain conveyors from the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range.  These can be supplied in widths from 65 – 320mm with a variety of chain designs.  They can also be supplied as open aluminium or stainless steel sections for the dry & wet food & drink and medical markets.


After the manufacture of the closure, the parts need to be packaged to ship to the customer or next process.  PCE can offer a wide variety of end-of-line solutions to cater for your requirements.

Jumble Packing Jumble Packing:  PCE can supply from a 2-Box diverter to multiple box storage units for jumble packed product.  These can include weigh-counting of parts into the box for optimal stock control and minimal ‘give away’ to the customer.

Format Case Loading Format Case Loading:  There are occasions where jumble packing is not applicable due to damage to components (warpage and ovality issues) or the number per box needs to be optimised to decrease packaging and transport cost.  PCE can supply cells to format each layer of closures then load the box with or without layer card separation.

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