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Costs are being squeezed from all areas and customers no longer have the luxury of large engineering and project departments.  They are looking more and more to a single source for a turn-key line. 

PCE has a tradition of building equipment in-house from first principles and happy to look at bespoke automation not covered by our standard range.  We are also aware that it can be more cost effective to integrate off-the-shelf equipment from outside suppliers.  This is especially the case where specialist knowledge is required.

Typical products integrated into a turn-key line are

  • Vibratory or rotary bowl feeders.
  • Case erectors and case closers.
  • 6-Axis Robots.
  • Weigh equipment.
  • Marking and labelling systems.
  • Pallet strapper and wrappers.

Depending on the nature of the project and customer requirements, these can either be specified by PCE or the customer.  We are also happy to accept equipment issued free of charge to PCE for incorporation.

Links to the web sites of some of the suppliers we work most closely with are listed on our links page.

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