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PCE & ARBURG – Additive Manufacturing Excellence

PCE Automation, a Queen’s Award-winning division of the PCE GROUP, has installed a freeformer from ARBURG for industrial additive manufacturing to help support the research and development of a specialist medical device project in collaboration with the University of East …
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Latex Sealing Process - PCE GROUP, Westmill Foods, Heraues

Westmill Foods – Seal of Approval

PCE has recently delivered in conjunction with Heraeus Nobleight, a purpose-built, fast response, medium wave infra-red (IR) system. This has allowed the customer Westmill Foods to reduce the time needed to cure a sealing compound applied to filled food containers, …
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COVID-19 Shielding for Your Workforce

The PCE GROUP of Companies have stepped up production of social distancing screens, for a number of clients throughout March and April, in the global fight against COVID-19.
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Covid/Coronavirus Statement

Following the measures announced and introduced by Her Majesty’s Government on Monday 23rd March 2020, the PCE GROUP of Companies have put in place a number of additional safeguarding measures. Our main priority is to protect our employees with a …
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Applications Engineering – A Solution for Every Application.

The strength of the UK Automation and Manufacturing industries, are often unheralded, against a standard tone of Brexit negativity within the mainstream media.  Widespread perception and media coverage gloss over the fact that the UK is currently (at time of …
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PCE GROUP Invest in Additive Manufacturing

You will have no doubt seen, read or heard of the boundless possibilities of additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing) especially within the medical and manufacturing industries. For fans of C4 The Super Vet, you may have also …
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