Should I Be Thinking About Automation?

Increased productivity and resilience are elusive goals that many organisations strive towards. Ever-increasing competition and the drastic impacts of the global Covid pandemic have provided an added incentive to achieve these goals, acting as a catalyst for increased industrial automation, which may leave you pondering whether you should be looking to invest in automated solutions. Is it worth it? What are the benefits?


What are the Benefits of Automation?

Automation offers endless potential, even more so with the technological advancements of Industry 4.0 which aims to provide enhanced connectivity, automation, advanced analytics, and manufacturing technologies.

These advancements translate into many benefits for organisations, allowing for the transformation of operating environments.

These advancements translate into a multitude of benefits for organisations by allowing them to transform their operations. Advantages usually attributed to automated solutions include worker safety, operating costs, enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved quality, and lower lead times.


Output and Productivity

Higher output and increased productivity are two substantial justifications for automation. Investing in automation can help obtain high levels of process efficiency and helps to lower your costs whilst maintaining high levels of quality.

In addition, automated solutions provide limited variability resulting in a consistent level of quality. Vision inspection systems that ensure ultimate levels of accuracy can further reduce this variability by detecting any combination of fault factors such as discolouration, malformation, microscopic holes or the presence of foreign particles, all within a blink of an eye.


Employee Safety and Retention

Disadvantages often associated with automation is the suggestion that it replaces a human workforce. However, this issue is majorly flawed. Automated solutions operate to complement a human workforce, enhancing total throughput whilst creating workplace safety and the potential to reskill employees into tasks that are less mundane and repetitive.

Worker safety is a crucial reason for automating an industrial operation. The focus of ultimate safety in the workplace has come further under the microscope, certainly during the pandemic. Automated processes can help overcome manufacturing disruptions, such as safe-distancing measures and the restricted movement of workers, stemming from any spread of disease.

Technology such as Cobots (Collaborative Robots) are geared towards reducing repetitive strain and monotony from production environments, reducing musculoskeletal injuries to humans. Cobots are also highly adaptable to different tasks – especially the tasks often referred to as the four “D’s”: Dirty, Dangerous, Dear (Expensive), and Dull (Demeaning), helping to not only keep your employees safe but helps them avoid menial and unfulfilling tasks. In turn, this provides the potential to upskill and retrain existing personnel, helping to boost employee retention.


Can I Afford to Invest in Automation?

Anyone looking to invest in automation may find this as their biggest question and may find this level of capital expenditure as daunting. However, automated solutions are consistently becoming more diverse, which offers opportunities to organisations of any size.

As well as this, automation, at this current moment, is perhaps the most accessible it has ever been, with a raft of government tax incentives introduced on qualifying capital investments. Up until the 31st March 2023, a business can claim within the period of investment:

  • A super deduction providing allowances of 130% on most new plant and machinery investments that ordinarily qualify for 18% main rate writing down allowances.
  • A first-year allowance of 50% on most new plant and machinery investments that ordinarily qualify for 6% special rate writing down allowances.

These incentives provide the perfect opportunity to investigate how automation can work for you.


Progressing with Automation

Investing in automation can yield substantial benefits for your organisation and can unlock strong resilience and competitiveness, helping to elevate your organisation to the forefront of your industry.

We stand by to support and bring your automation ambitions to life. If you would like to remain competitive and resilient to external factors whilst operating at lower costs with maximised productivity, quality, and safety do not hesitate to Contact Us to find out how you can benefit from making us your partner in automation….