PCE Automation are pleased to have made a donation to the inspiring Circus Starr charity.  Having supported in 2018, we were keen to donate again, given the terrific work of Circus Starr, the circus with a purpose.

Approximately  1.5 million UK families can’t afford a single day out together. Circus Starr, do it because 50% of families with disabled children say that the stigma and discrimination they face makes them feel isolated.  Circus Starr, create a magical world, that harnesses the power of the circus, inviting families with all manner of different needs to have fun together in a safe, welcoming and unique atmosphere.

Every child deserves a little magic and Circus Starr,certainly help to bring a little bit of light to those who need it.  We are delighted to support such a terrific course.

To learn more of this remarkable charity, head on over to the Circus Starr, website, or click any of the links contained within this article.