The strength of the UK Automation and Manufacturing industries, are often unheralded, against a standard tone of Brexit negativity within the mainstream media.  Widespread perception and media coverage gloss over the fact that the UK is currently (at time of writing) the 8th largest industrial nation in the world.

Automation will continue to be pivotal in driving further economic and productivity growth for the UK.  The PCE GROUP will certainly be leading the charge, as we head into uncertain, yet potential filled waters of post EU Britain.

Here at the PCE GROUP, we take absolutely nothing for granted and are in the midst of a sustained period of growth, in terms of our staffing levels, our infrastructure and our financial performance.  We have made significant and sustained investment into these areas, as well as the up-skilling of our talented and ambitious work force.

PCE Automation (prior to the formation of PCE GROUP) are renowned for exceptional levels of quality and for our meticulous approach to Research and Development. The nature of automation has meant that more and more customers seek bespoke solutions of increasing complexity; which represented an excellent opportunity for PCE to make our next strategic appointment.

In the summer of 2018, PCE were delighted to welcome Will Oxbrow for a summer internship, where he spent over 3 months whilst completing his Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of East Anglia.  Will made an incredible impact in the short time he was with us, before returning to education and experiencing a placement over at nearby Sizewell nuclear power station.   Upon the completion of his studies, we were very much interested in bringing Will to the PCE GROUP, to fulfil the role of Applications Engineer.

In September of 2019 Will thankfully returned to complement our Technical Department; led by Technical Manager David Cullen.  This team includes Servicing Engineers and Aftersales personnel, who combine to provide a rich customer experience, from enquiry to delivery.

We caught up with Will regarding his role, his arrival and his thoughts for the future.

What is your role here at PCE?

“I have been appointed as Applications Engineer, to predominantly focus on Research and Development activities, serving to enhance the R&D reputation PCE has built.  My role supports the Sales and Technical areas of the business, by researching technologies which deliver enhanced results for our customers”

What do you enjoy?  

Firstly, it is great to be back amongst the team, following a successful summer internship. I enjoy researching applications, providing preliminary designs and combining a range of complementary technologies, to turn an idea into a reality; bringing automation to life.  I also enjoy supporting a richer customer experience.

Your future?  

Automation is an exciting industry which I really hope to thrive within.  The future of PCE appears bright and I really hope to be a significant part of the great things that lay ahead.  I also have a thirst for learning and knowledge, therefore will always take opportunities to learn and evolve as a person.

Will is managed by our vastly experienced Technical Manager David Cullen who comments “Will made a really good impression throughout his internship and we were very keen to work with him again.  He has an excellent attitude, level headed approach, work ethic and attention to detail.  He complements my team extremely well and is able to interpret and enact information with very little guidance, producing quality outcomes.  He has made a great impact on the customer experience and we look forward to helping Will develop”.