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Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging shares many synergies with the FMCG, however on a much larger scale, such as the internal and external packaging of robust heavy duty garden/electrical appliances, such as hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. Our market leading testing rigs and our EOL packaging solutions can help overcome your unique Industrial Packaging challenges

Having started in FMCG, PCE diversified into the Industrial Packaging market. Many of the processes are the same as the FMCG Market area, however, products are more robust than standard consumer packaging. In addition to plastics, some products are formed from metal.

The main driving force behind the design is to provide lighter weight packaging, which:

  • Offers the same product protection
  • Meets with stringent international certification standards, transportation of industrial products
  • Reduces environmental impacts, such as lowering the use of materials and the associated costs of transportation

PCE have developed a range of solutions for all areas, to support the production of a diverse range of industrial packaging solutions.

Caps, Closures and Lids

Out of Mould Closing
Assembly Machines
Packaging (Box Indexers, Diverters and Case Loaders)
Test Machines (Leak, Flow, Vision Inspection Testing)

Bottles and TIns

Takeout Robots
Conveyors (Bosch Rexroth)
Testing Machines (Leak Testing, Vision Inspection, Weighing Systems)
Lost Head Trepanning
End of Line Packing Solutions (EOL) Table Palletisers etc)

Tubs, Tubes and Containers

Takeout Robots
IML (In Mould Labelling)
Conveyors (Bosch Rexroth)
Testing Machines (Leak Testing, Vision Inspection, Weighing Systems)
End of Line Packing Solutions (EOL) Table, Palletisers etc)

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