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Medical & Ocular

From the start of the new millennium, PCE attained projects within the Ocular and Medical sectors,
where we initially applied the principles and practice from FMCG products, to form the basis of
Initial Research and Development/Projects.

Research & Development became a core competency that our customers relied upon, to prove new
concepts which can enhance their processes. PCE often develop, POP (Proof of Principle) Rigs, which
are built during the formative stages of a project, to ensure that the solution meets the customer
requirements and expectations.

Working within the Ocular and Medical sectors requires clinical standards of build and operation,
adhering to Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) and ISPE (International Society for
Pharmaceutical Engineering) standards.

PCE have developed an extensive documentation suite, to support all levels of validation that
equipment and customers’ demands, such as SDS, FDS, HDS, ECO, IQ, DQ, FAT, SAT etc, at each stage
of the development process.

Products and Solutions

  • Assembly Machines
  • Packaging (Box Indexers, Diverters and Case Loaders)
  • Test Machines (Leak, Flow, Vision Inspection Testing)
  • Takeout Robots
  • Conveyors (Bosch Rexroth)
  • Testing Machines (Leak Testing, Vision Inspection, Weighing Systems)
  • End of Line Packing Solutions (EOL) Table, Palletisers etc)
  • Fill and Close Cells
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Carton Assembly

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