Our MD James Cook has ventured to Chicago Illinois this week, he took sometime out to give us an overview:

James where are you headed and what is the purpose of this trip?

“I’m at Rockwell Automation fair in Chicago as we are a premier machine builder partner within the Rockwell Automation group.”

What’s been the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

“Some amazing tech but nothing the PCE GROUP isn’t already adopting in our automation cells.”

What can’t you travel without?

(Don’t say a passport!)

“To Chicago? My hat and scarf as it is bloody freezing ?”

rockwell automation visit

The potential you believe this trip will bring?

“Networking is my main focus. The U.S economy offers huge potential for automation and PCE GROUP in the United States is part of our strategic plan for growth!”

What automation processes are being discussed?

“All conceivable aspects automation are on show from digital twinning to VR design. Break out sessions with education forums to discuss individual topics. 

There’s also a new element with regards to social responsibility, which is part of our pillars of progression, which will be interesting to take some time to consider, today I focus on  Life Sciences.”

It has been reported that many in America have expressed fear toward the rise in automation.  Has this been evident so far on your trip?

“I would say there is a realisation that automation is essential but not a different viewpoint from that in the U.K.”

As we progress and grow as a business the PCE GROUP will expand our export automation solutions across greater area of the United States and Europe. We have an established foothold within America and it is an exciting time for the group, as we continue to provide world class bespoke automation, underpinned by our strong innovation and design.

As James said watch this space.