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Applications Engineering – A Solution for Every Application.

The strength of the UK Automation and Manufacturing industries, are often unheralded, against a standard tone of Brexit negativity within the mainstream media.  Widespread perception and media coverage gloss over the fact that the UK is currently (at time of …
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David Nolloth at SPS Nuremberg

Vorsprung Durch Technik – Progress Through Technology

This week our Technical Director David Nolloth has visited the SPS (Smart Production Solutions) expo at NurnburgMesse, in the historic medieval city of Nuremberg, Germany.  On what was a brief trip, David did not get to take in any of …
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Automation of America Part two!

As we progress and grow as a business the PCE GROUP will expand our export automation solutions across greater area of the United States and Europe. We have an established foothold within America and it is an exciting time for the group, as we continue to provide world class bespoke automation, underpinned by our strong innovation and design.
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Rockwell Automation: Automation Fair

As we continue to grow and expand our business, the PCE GROUP have been recognised as game changers within the automation sector and have been invited to attend and participate in unique and exciting exhibitions and events throughout Europe and the United States, which this week takes our MD James Cook to Chicago, Illinois.
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It’s Safe to Say – Safety Matters.

We are a Safe Contractor approved !!! It’s official, we have achieved Safe Contractor accreditation through Alcumus. As a business, we stand out from the crowd and evolve, by joining one of the UK’s leading Health & Safety schemes; adopting …
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