You will have no doubt encountered Assistive Robots, Autonomous Robots or Collaborative Robots (Cobots), on visits to automation trade shows.  You may have even seen through various news outlets how many industries are synergising humans with robots, through deployment of Collaborative Robot (Cobot) technologies.

Cobots are revolutionising the manner in which repetitive tasks are conducted. They are taking the manual strain and monotony from production environments, whilst delivering enhancements in throughput and accuracy therefore significantly reducing musculoskeletal injuries to humans.  Combining these factors make it extremely difficult to overlook Cobot technology, but it isn’t just a case of Power Up and Go.

To achieve optimum output and safety, deployment of a Cobot must always be underpinned by a full understanding of the technology and its capabilities, as well as a robust Risk Assessment.  This should not be a box ticking exercise, more an overall consideration of:

  • Intended use
  • The end user
  • Potential Risk and Hazard factors
  • Operational Environment
  • Desired outcomes.

A Cobot which has not satisfied the above considerations, has the potential to affect overall output and to not deliver on objectives.

Here at PCE Automation, our specialist team of Programming Engineers and fully trained Cobot experts, are here to eliminate the risk from your prospective Cobot project.  A combination of expert programming and deployment of complementary safety features, ensures that your new Cobot purchase will work seamlessly and safely alongside members of your workforce.  Our experienced team of Designers and Project Managers can support you every step of the way.

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