Here at PCE HQ, we pride ourselves on the quality of our facilities, our estate and our ‘World Class’ automation; whilst continuously improving our processes and the overall staff and visitor experience.  For those who have visited PCE HQ recently, you might have noticed cordons and heavy machinery at play.  We have taken some immediate steps to address some ongoing drainage issues in the main car park, whilst providing additional, definitive parking spaces, for our growing team.

Operations Manager Andy Reeve commented “We have been up against some challenging weather of late, but are on course to address the existing drainage issues, ahead of the full onset of winter weather.  We are really pleased to make these improvements, as we had some uneven areas and pooling in places.  We have also witnessed a surge in both staff numbers and visitors, so we were keen to take this opportunity to enhance the staff and visitor experience.”

As well as a strikingly marked tarmac surface, staff and visitors will also benefit from additional parking to the rear of HQ, which is available in front of the telephone mast you can see within the featured image.