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Build to Print

We undertake a number of projects where we build to existing 3rd party designs.  This can be a result of the customer owning the IP (Intellectual Property) and issuing us with a design package; or where the original supplier can no longer service the customer requirements.

We undertake ‘Build to Print ‘ projects on a variety of basis, such as:

  • Source, manufacture and build to the exact specification of the design brief specified by the customer
  • Source, manufacture and build, with technology updates and customer defined modifications. The design may require update, technology could have evolved, or an efficiency identified, which requires variation from the original plan. All such differences are fully discussed and agreed with the customer.
  • Working from a basic design brief, we can interpret as a basis for a new machine. This could be because the drawings are incomplete, or an old CAD package has been used (not allowing for information to be unpackaged) or there is insufficient information to work from.  We will build the project as if we would a brand new machine.

Regardless of the approach, all projects will meet the latest design and safety standards and be fully CE compliant.

As with all projects, PCE will meet the highest degrees of quality, underpinned by excellent communication and attention to detail.

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