You will have no doubt seen, read or heard of the boundless possibilities of additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing) especially within the medical and manufacturing industries. For fans of C4 The Super Vet, you may have also seen Noel Fitzpatrick using 3D printing technologies to enhance the quality of life and limb, for our four legged friends.

Additive Manufacturing is undoubtedly the present and the future in manufacturing, unlocking;

  • Efficient production of intricate components
  • Finite levels of detail and quality
  • Cost and material effectiveness
  • Creativity and customisation possibilities.
  • Limitless shapes and geometry
  • Flexible material deployment

The PCE GROUP are delighted to have made an investment in Additive Manufacturing Technology, complementing our range of in-house capabilities; having taken delivery of the state of the art, Arburg Free Former 300-3X. This will be a vital weapon in our arsenal, as we continue our growth within the pharmaceutical, ocular and medical sectors.

The Arburg takes pride of place in our ‘Clean Room;’ manufacturing facility and represents an exciting investment, in the same year as significant investment in a new machining centre.

MD James Cook commented “We have made tremendous strides in growing our market share within medical, ocular and pharmaceutical sectors, underpinned by our specialisms and in house capabilities. We look forward to unleashing the power of replicative technologies, as our automation becomes more intricate and bespoke in nature. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on project lead times and contribute toward greater degrees of accuracy and quality, for which PCE are renowned.”