The PCE Group are thrilled to have selected The Access Group, to develop our forthcoming MRP system.  The dedicated team have been hard at work for several months, gathering the information which will help shape the MRP. This will enable the business to develop and to enhance our current processes. 

Project Manager Syd Payne commented “We have begun phase 1 of the project, which is to analyse and adapt current practices, so that solid foundations are laid.   Although this is a complex phase, it has provided the opportunity to analyse and challenge everything we do.  Our Subject Matter Experts have been pivotal in forging new ways of working, enabling myself and Access to effectively model the system. 

The Factory Master system will provide greater visibility of manufacturing workflows, provide insight and live information, whilst helping to minimise duplication and rework, which will result in improvements in overall productivity and help drive further business growth.”

The implementation of the new system is expected to come to fruition autumn this year.  We look forward to the completion and benefits this will bring the PCE Group.