Our Environmental Commitment

As part of our corporate social responsibility, PCE Automation are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We believe we should make every effort to avoid compromising future generations’ ability to sustain their needs. We actively seek to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, guidelines and regulations. This commitment includes focusing on reducing the use of materials and energy, increased recycling of our waste materials and minimising emissions and waste(s) to our surroundings. 

We have now extended this commitment. PCE have made the first steps towards a zero-emissions company fleet of vehicles and aim to pledge towards the COP 26 Transport declaration, which states: ‘As business fleet owners and operators, or shared mobility platforms, we will work towards 100% of our car and van fleets being zero-emission vehicles by 2030, or earlier where markets allow’.

Zero-Emissions Transport Fleet

The start of our zero-emissions transport fleet comes in the form of a LEVC VN5 van. The VN5 boasts several impressive attributes that make it the ideal vehicle to help us on our journey to zero emissions, for example:

  • It is built in the UK, providing a low carbon footprint
  • It is always electronically driven
  • Fast charging zero to 100% in around 30 minutes 
  • Class-leading sustainability 
  • 5.5 cubic meter capacity (meaning it can fit two Euro sized pallets in the back) and a gross payload of 830kg. 

As well as this, the VN5 is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium helping it last longer than other vans. LEVC hope this means owners will keep them longer rather than changing after a few years. Lastly, besides being sustainable, it is built with a range of accident preventing technology and kit, making it suitable in ensuring our team is safe on the road.

PCE’s Beccles site already has a number of charging points available for customers and anyone else visiting the premises. Over the coming weeks, additional charging points are to be installed at the Beccles HQ, and in addition, our Lutterworth site will have charging points fitted.