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Tube Box Palletiser Cells

Box Palletisers are fed tubed-filled trays with a lid using the built-in conveyor system. The tray is then conveyed to a a position where it is picked and placed onto a pallet.  Trays are placed into an effective pattern on the pallet, to a pre-set format, depending on tray and pallet size.

The trays are supported from underneath and are clamped to secure the tray during movement. An optional print and apply label applicator device can be deployed within this cell.

Box Handling

From simple 2-Box diverters to multiple box indexers and from Part count to weigh counting, PCE have a number of solutions to meet all of your Box Handling needs.

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Tray Packing

PCE biggest seller the semi-automatic  TPI-12 through to the complex neck-neck Vertical Tray Packer.   Our Applications Team are constantly exploring and adding new solutions to our range, so contact us today.

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Case Loaders

The Case Loader range can be adapted to most product requirements, from overcaps to lids.  When used in conjunction with moulding cells, take-out robots and case erectors, a highly efficient cell can be produced.  Contact us today, to discuss the multitude of case loading options.  Our applications team are on standby to bring your solution to life.


We can provide a number of swept style palletisers of multiple collation buffers, through to robotic cells.  Palletisers can be semi-automatic or fully automatic with pallet and layer card, particulate layer placement,   Filled product can also be palletised using MP-100 technology.


To reduce packaging costs and to significantly reduce the use of cardboard, PCE produce a range of  Continuous Wrapping Cells, deploying reel fed polythene wrapping, to produce bricks of product.   These can be supplemented with heat tunnels, so that a firmer pack can be produced.


From non-nesting products through to push-on lid handling, PCE has a solution to suit all of your needs; including stacking and spin-bars.

Lost Head Trepanning

For larger diameter and neck finishes which are not of round profile (such as extrusion blow moulded containers)

‘Lost heads’ are moulded, which require removal following de-flashing, which can then be reground and fed back into the resin feed.

PCE has developed several solutions for this, such as the high accuracy CNC Range and the High Volume Spin Trimmer.  Our Applications Team are on hand to bring your requirements to life.

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