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To complement the range of end-of-line solutions, PCE have developed a range of preform feeding products; from bulk tipping bins to de-palletisers, as well as solutions that feed onto down-stream processes (such as filling lines) and Part Feeding systems from our Premier Bowl Feeders, part of  The PCE GROUP of Companies.

Bowl Feeders and Part Feeding Solutions

Prem1er Bowl Feeders (of  The PCE GROUP) offer a variety of Part Feeding Solutions for the most intricate of components.  Bespoke Conveyors, Hoppers, Rotary/Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Linear Feeding solutions are seamlessly blended to provide market leading solutions to the most unique requirements.

Bulk Bin Tipping

PCE can offer a variety of solutions, depending on the payload for tipping.  Bulk Bin Tippers are primarily designed to feed sorters of jumble pack products, from pallet boxes (octobins or similar).


PCE offer a range of models that feed products such as cans, glass and plastic bottles/containers, of various designs and dimensions, to filling lines.


PCE offer custom designed units and modular chain conveyors, from the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range.  These can be supplied in widths ranging between 65 – 320mm with a variety of chain designs.  Conveyors can also be supplied as open aluminium or stainless steel sections for the dry & wet food & drink and medical markets.

Container Cleaning

Where automated line feeding is used, it is necessary for the containers to be cleaned before filling.  For dry filling lines, PCE offer a blow-out unit using de-ionised air to ensure no foreign particles stay in the containers.

The image to your left is an example of micro cleaning, which has been recently deployed to clean medical devices.  PCE can facilitate micro or larger scale in-line cleaning equipment.

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