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Product Testing

Product testing has always been a core PCE business. PCE has long been associated with pressure decay leak testers for the blow-moulding industry and our product range has evolved to include many sectors of the market; providing reliable and repeatable test systems, for both semi-automatic operation and high speed in-line units.

Tube Vision & Dust Sheet Application Cell

Trays filled with tubes are fed into the vision inspection cell, via a supplied conveyor system where it is held in place as the Vision Inspection system carries out defined checks on the cavity of each tube.

The tray is then either rejected if any criteria are not met, or passed through to a dust sheet application zone,  where PE sheet is applied to protect the inspected tubes from being polluted by any further contaminants.

The dust sheet covered trays are then conveyed to a lid application point, for their onward journey to EOL Palletisation, optional box labelling.

Tube Leak Testing

Designed to integrate to the outfeed of tube making machines, the PCE Tube Leak Tester will test every tube on a continuous motion platform. The standard model is capable of detecting 0.3mm holes at 300 tubes per minute. Other variants are available.

Designed for quick tube size change overs, the ‘V’ pockets are pitched to match the tube size. The reciprocating test heads track the conveyor, maximising the test time to ensure accuracy of results.

Individual failed tube reject with confirmation is included as standard, along with statistical logging of production data. Sequential failure alarms will alert the operator to production issues thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Leak Testing

Leak/Flow Test

PCE has supplied pressure decay Leak Test equipment for many markets, predominantly to test freshly moulded plastic bottles and containers. Our range can test container volumes from 30ml to 200L with speeds in excess of 14,000 bottles per hour.

PCE’s MK4 and 5 Leak/Flow Detection System combines multi axis robotics, to efficiently present containers to leak test heads.  Individual vacuum reject heads expel failed containers, preventing imperfections from entering the supply chain.

Vision Systems

Together with our Vision Inspection partner, PCE harness the power of  vision inspection camera technology to complement the most intricate of automation processes.

PCE deploy vision inspection technology to;

  • Detect microscopic product defects and contaminants
  • Monitor shape and profile to detect whether a warping has occurred.
  • Measure components, or materials contained within a product.
  • Verify product/batch labeling including variants of Bar/QR Coding.
  • Accuracy of Label Placement

Products to have such defects are withdrawn before they enter the supply chain;  offering customers ultimate confidence that only products of the highest quality are entering the supply chain.

AirFlow Testing

AIrFlow Testing

AirFlow testing can be used to give a quantitative measure of the air passing through a seal, or orifice.  Highly accurate measurements at fast cycle times can be achieved.

Electrical Testing

Industrial Auatomation

Developed for consumer goods market, PCE can offer a range of test equipment for sub-assemblies through to finished products.  The example you see to your left is a hedge trimmer test rig, for a well known international brand;  designed to test blade speeds and associated electrical components.

In-Line Weighing

From static to dynamic applications, working with Mettler-Toledo, PCE can offer a solution that meets all of your ‘In Line Weighing’ requirements.

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