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Robotic Tray and Lid Former Cell

The Robotic Tray & Lid Former system,  utilises an automated system that takes the tray and lid blanks from a stack of media , moving them through a forming tool where trays and lids are assembled and conveyed into position for downstream filling processes.

The lids then travel out of the forming process, where it is queues for robotic placement onto a tube laden box, which has satisfactorily passed the vision inspection process.   At this point an optional protective layer can be placed atop the assembled tubes, before a multi axis robot placed the lid upon the filled box.

The former has hot-melt gluing system that utilises an automatic tank loader of pellets, for controlled application to the tray and lid, ensuring ultimate strength and integrity

HS Delta Pick & Place Robots

PCE provide High Speed Delta Robotic solutions, to fulfil all of your rapid top loading PnP requirements.

Capable of outputs of between 90 and 150 picks per minute (Model and payload dependent) parallel axis technology adjusts the load mid flight, ensuring parts are picked and placed with speed and precision.  Other benefits include;

  • Versatile for all operating systems and complementary technologies (Vision Inspection)
  • Quiet operation
  • Solid construction
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Low maintenance costs.

Cartesian and Gantry Robots

Cartesian and gantry robots typically run upon specific axes for a dedicated process.   They are usually relatively simple, cost-effective and fast in operation.  Used in many processes including de-moulding (or injection moulding processes) and pick and place (Palletisation and Packing Cells).

Cartesians can be configured and built to the exact cell needs (each axis is a separate unit which can be chosen for length, speed and load) and are relatively simple to program through the controlling PLC.  Furthermore, Cartesian systems can be very large and move high payloads over greater distances, which would be less practical for a standard articulated robot.

SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) Robotics

SCARA robots are generally considered to be smaller than their 6-axis counterparts and can work at much higher speeds, with generally improved precision. The limitation of axes mean that if the operation is simply a pick and place process (perhaps picking parts from a moving conveyor and packing them using a suitable vision tracking system) then ‘tilt’ and ‘yaw’ functionality is not needed.

SCARA robots range from from micro high-precision units for the assembly of small medical or electronic components, through to larger high-speed units, capable of pick speeds of >120 picks per minute with the right application.

Collaborative Robots

PCE offer collaborative robots, or ‘Cobots’, to improve productivity in manual tasks; whilst reducing repetitive strain injuries to humans.  Collaborative robots are;

  • Simple to program
  • Quick to set to set up
  • Can be flexibility deployed
  • Collaborative and safe.

All collaborative robots can be supplied with safety certification from the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV).

Blow-Moulding Take-Out Systems

PCE have developed a range of take-out units for the EBM sector, suitable for most makes of machines. The re-designed MK4 PET Take-out Robot has gained widespread acceptance throughout the market place.

We have also developed the MK5 robot (pictured left) boasting a smaller footprint, enhanced functionality and various leak/flow testing options.

Racer Side-Entry Robot

PCE have designed and developed a Racer Robot range, delivering impressively short cycle times, for customers within Injection Moulding industries. The Racer Robot range, combines high speed with reliable product capture performance, of between 1 and 72 cavitations, which can be stacked in a variety of formations.

In-mould labelling systems form part of the PCE standard range.

Multi-Axis Cells

PCE can offer integration of highly capable Multi-Axis robots from leading suppliers; deployable with a number of solutions, from assembly cells to palletisers.

Please enquire for more details of applications.

Custom Systems

PCE can offer bespoke gantry robotic systems, to complement a wide range of applications.

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