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PET Preform Conveyors

From early in the life of two stage PET bottle production, PCE has been involved with the design and manufacture of conveyors to take the preforms from the out feed conveyor of the injection moulding machine and discharge to one, two or more boxes.  The standard range incorporates:

  • Soft face food contact approved continuous welded belting.
  • Tracking strip to prevent belt wander.
  • Belt driven incline conveyor drive for smooth drive.
  • Covered incline conveyor to prevent contamination.
  • Fabricated steel frame and stand for durability.
  • Shot counting as standard.
  • Standard 2 & 3-box configurations.
  • Standard designs for most HUSKY moulding machines.
  • Configuration for other moulding machine suppliers available.

Softdrop Options

For certain markets, potential damage to the preform is critical.  For these applications, PCE can offer various Softdrop options, where preforms are delivered to the bottom of the box, minimising the drop heights.

Soft Drop Mechanism

Weigh Counting

As margins are eroded, the need for accurate stock control is ever more pressing. Instead of counting preforms by multiplying the number of cavities by the number of machine cycles, PCE can offer a more accurate counting methods.

By ‘batch weigh counting’ preforms (using Mettler-Toledo technology) the number of objects entering the collection box can be customised, by the weight of the item(s).  The chance of preforms not being accounted for, is virtually eliminated.

Weigh Counting  - Mettler Toledo

Container (Box) Agitators

Agitating a container (box) during filling, allows many more preforms to be packaged. From customer data >20% of additional preforms per box can be achieved (depending on perform shape and size).

Operation is smooth and quiet due to the electric drive, which eliminates the need for manual smoothing of the mound at the top of the box.

Speed, shake duration and shake intervals, can all be adjusted from the HMI.  A light curtain can also be applied to offer operator protection.

PCE can provide a solution for larger containers (like the  example image) or for smaller receptacles.

Box Agitation

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