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Blow-Moulding Take-Out Systems

PCE have developed a range of take-out units for the EBM sector, suitable for most makes of machines. The re-designed MK4 PET Take-out Robot has been gained widespread acceptance throughout the market place.

PCE have also developed the MK5 robot (pictured left) which boasts a smaller footprint, enhanced functionality and various leak/flow testing options.

Racer Side-Entry Robot

PCE have designed and developed a Racer Robot range, which delivers impressively low cycle times, for customers within the Injection Moulding industry. The Racer Robot range, combines high speed with reliable product capture performance, of between 1 and 72 cavitations, which can be stacked in a variety of formations.

In-mould labelling systems form part of the PCE standard range.

Collaborative Robots

PCE offer fully collaborative robots, or ‘Cobots’, to improve productivity in manual tasks, as well as reduce repetitive strain injuries to humans.  Collaborative robots are;

  • Simple to program
  • Quick to set to set up
  • Can be flexibility deployed
  • Collaborative and safe.

All collaborative robots can be supplied with safety certification from the German Technical Inspection Association (TUV).

6-Axis Cells

PCE can offer integration of highly capable 6-Axis robots from leading suppliers. This can be for assembly cells through to palletisers.

Please enquire for more details of applications.

Custom Systems

PCE can offer bespoke gantry robotic systems, to complement a wide range of applications.

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