At PCE we greatly appreciate company commendations from within our customer community; but when they are directed toward our individuals and their contributions, it makes it all that more special.

This year has certainly been a busy one, as we have increased export and our work overseas.  As part of a project in the United States, Lewis Groom (Programming) spent time over in New York State, ensuring the successful installation and commissioning of an automated cell.   The customer was delighted to express their gratitude toward Lewis.  Here is what  they said “Lewis was fantastic to work with – took his time understanding the (minor) issues and worked closely with me to make sure he had them fixed to my satisfaction. I couldn’t have asked for any more from Lewis. Very easy to work with as well”, remarked Chuck (Project Lead).

Harry Cook has also received commendation on UK soil for his role in an ongoing multi-cell project.  Harry has risen to many challenges this year, which has been acknowledged as follows, by our contact lens customer “Thank you for the fantastic job you have been doing stepping in to the PM role to progress this project . Your hard work and dedication has really helped us out during a difficult time and overcome challenges that have come our way. Myself and my team just wanted to give you the recognition that  you are due, so you know how much you are valued and appreciated, as the support you have provided to us is absolutely outstanding. I have had nothing but fantastic comments about your work ethic, your focus and professionalism.”

Needless to say we are thrilled for both Lewis and Harry, who are a credit to themselves and to the PCE family.

Well done.