As we continue to grow and expand our business, the PCE GROUP have been recognised as game changers within the automation sector and have been invited to attend and participate in unique and exciting exhibitions and events throughout Europe and the United States, which this week takes our MD James Cook to Chicago, Illinois.

The Automation Fair sponsored by Rockwell Automation brings international representatives to Chicago for two days.

The Automation Fair® is the premier industrial automation event, offering measurable knowledge and skill-building over the 20th and 21st of November 2019. The event offers an experience of innovative technologies, which is why the PCE GROUP are in attendance.  The technologies and solutions from Rockwell Automation and their PartnerNetwork™ will be showcased.  We are a machine builder partner of Rockwell and we look forward to continuing our growth journey alongside them..

The opportunity to meet with over 150 exhibitors and to gain and share knowledge from 400 hours of seminars, will provide our team with insight and networking advantages which will greatly benefit our already established export activity to the United States

We not only advance through continued investment, design and innovation of  complete automation processes,  but as a group, we are focused on our social responsibility.  This year Rockwell Automation will be exhibiting something altogether different.  A booth unlike the others, dedicated to the human side of business – Bold Conversations on Inclusion and Diversity.  An interactive space where people will tell stories, invite questions and encourage authentic dialog, around the challenges of creating a culture that differentiates a company for all the right reasons.

“PCE GROUP encourage and support our staff, engaging them in all aspects of the business and view our people as partners in our progression.”

It is great to see this featured as one of the elements of the exhibition.  Representatives within our group report that more of our customers wish to discuss our business culture and the ways in which we are socially responsible.

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We will be reporting back from our MD James Cook over the next few days, as we gain more insight into the advancements and opportunities this event has provided the PCE GROUP.