One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to simplify the most complex of instructions, in a manner considerate to a multitude of learning styles.  Our teachers seemingly achieve this with consummate ease on a daily basis, within education settings up and down the land. There are however many roles within other industries requiring the same painstaking focus and attention to detail, not least the role of a Technical Author.

American Writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr, once described Technical Writers as “Trained to reveal almost nothing of themselves in their writing.  This makes them the freaks within the world of writers”. 

This fact was not lost on PCE, who in 2017 appointed a Technical Author to complement our Technical Department. The role would be responsible for taking advanced technical concepts and to convey them clearly and articulately into Project Documentation and into Product Manuals, for audiences spanning several technical backgrounds.

Scott Snowling arrived at PCE in January 2020, with a strong technical background and a wealth of experience in technical writing; which has underpinned his seamless transition into the role. His skills and experience have evolved the role further and PCE can now boast great strength in depth in terms of technical writers, supplemented by the formation of The PCE GROUP of Companies, similarly, adept within their specialisms.  

We caught up with Scott Snowling to gain his thoughts on the role of Technical Author, his experience and his ambitions for the role.

Welcome Scott.

Tell us a bit about your background, before joining #teampce and a bit about yourself? 

I joined Team PCE in January 2020, having worked for many years as a Design & Development Engineer, most recently with bespoke high pressure watermist fire protection equipment and systems.   Outside of work, I am the Chairman of  a local youth training charity, which has involved project managing a major marine engineering project. 

What have you found most challenging about transitioning to automation? 

Whilst my previous roles have given me a basic grounding in most engineering disciplines, the ability of The PCE GROUP to craft complex bespoke automation has taken quite some getting used to, given the intricate requirements of our solutions.

What have you most enjoyed within your first 6 months at PCE

Primarily being given the required technology I needed and being thrown in at the deep end.  It has been a fantastic challenge getting to grips with the cutting-edge technology crafted here at PCE.  I have been able to enhance my knowledge and build upon my experience with PLC and HMI software; enabling me to fully grasp and document how PCE make seemingly impossible automation a reality.

What are you ambitions for the role of TA? 

Working with the Quality Manager in driving toward a complete and seamless range of quality technical documentation, across all companies within The PCE family, from db automation, Premier Bowl Feeders and ourselves at PCE Automation.

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality technical documentation. The documentation can often be overlooked or seen as the poor relation; yet its role in enabling the end users of your product to swiftly and easily understand and operate equipment could be the first step in making your next sale.   

Thank you so much for your time Scott.

Scott has arrived with a positive ‘Can Do’ approach and has blended well within the Technical Team and beyond.  He communicates exceptionally well at all levels and goes the extra mile to produce favourable outcomes to all stakeholders. We are very lucky to have someone of Scotts calibre on board.