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PCE have the complete capacity to Design, Engineer and Program cutting edge ‘turn key’ solutions, either as stand alone cells, or as an addition to an existing line(s).

Project Design

Our team of Designers work closely with our customers, to ensure that our solutions meet their expectations.  Using the latest 3D design software, our designers create detailed projections and footprints; seamlessly integrating with customer’s existing machinery, or producing cutting edge turnkey solutions.

Our Project Design Team will be with you every step of the way; from Design to Delivery, ensuring that we deliver the increased productivity, efficiency and reliability our customers require.

Fabrication, Machining and Surface Finishing

PCE have their own Fabrication, Machining and Surface Treatment shops; where our vastly experienced team complete all manufacturing aspects, from the welding of frameworks, to the surface finishing of frames and components.

Our machinists work closely with Project Design, in crafting components to the the finest of tolerances.

Having the ability to fabricate, machine and surface finish in house, reduces our need to outsource.  This gives us greater control of project lead times.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Our legion of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are a perfect blend of youth and experience, owing to our investment in apprentices.

Mechanical Engineers assemble the intricate elements of our solutions, (Robotics, Conveyors, Servo Axis, Pick and Place Mechanisms and Rotary Tables)

Electrical Engineers install electrical components such as Programmable Logic Controllers, Safety Relays, Pneumatic and Servo Drive Units and everything housed within our control cabinets.


Our Programmers build the intuitive HMI programs which our customers use to interact with our solutions.  Programmers calibrate the heights, speeds, trajectories of moving parts, ensuring that each cell performs to safe and efficient limits, ensuring that each machine is ready to operate upon delivery.

Our multi skilled team program using a number of platforms, such as Rockwell, Mitsubishi and Proface.

Working in tandem with our Technical Author, the team facilitate the production of Operator Manual documentation.

Do you have a project in mind?

If you have a particular concept/project in mind, contact the automation specialists today, via telephone +44(0)1502 713287 , or click the ‘Contact Us’ button below.